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The Office of Dr. G. Gary Lian, MD, PhD

Our well-being is one of our most prized posessions. As a trained neurologist, I can personally tell you the importance of keeping ourselves and our family healthy. With Shoreline Neurology, LLC, I can provide my patients with the best possible service and care, tailor-fit to each of their personal needs.

After years of experience, my staff and I are more than capable of identifying and treating different complications in the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Here at Shoreline Neurology, LLC, we believe that first-class medical care is delivered only when the physician spends quality time with the patient. We work with our patients to come up with the best treatment to improve their health.

It is often difficult to keep your health as the highest priority. But your health is the one thing you cannot afford to live without. It is always important to stay physically and mentally healthy. And remember, Shoreline Neurology, LLC will always be here for you.  

G. Gary Lian, MD, PhD


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